San Antonio Intervention

San Antonio Intervention

San Antonio InterventionWhen a family member or friend is suffering from depression, bi-polar disorder, or drug or alcohol addiction the stress that is created as a result of these or any other addiction or mood disorder can go far beyond that one person to impact everyone around him. This is why San Antonio intervention can be a lifesaver not only for those who are fighting these afflictions but also for those who are helping them in the battle.

Drugs and depression affect millions

According to a 2012 article written by Jane C. Maxwell, Ph.D., 45% of Texas residents in their 20s have made admission to using black tar and powdered brown heroin. Usage of ecstasy and pain killers, especially hydrocodone, continues to be on the rise. Common household items and automotive products are being used more frequently to acquire a high through inhalation and alcohol continues to be the most easily accessed drug of choice for secondary school students. During a San Antonio intervention we can work together to put an end to these addicting and potentially life-threatening choices being made by the user.

Depression statistics in Texas indicate that 8.9% of the over 45 million people living in the state who are aged 12 and over have reported suffering from depression at some point in their lives. While for many people depression is short lived, for a majority of the 4 million plus sufferers chronic depression can drain the positivity from their lives and leave them bleak, hopeless, and feeling as if there is nowhere to turn. Along with family and friends we can stage an intervention to encourage those in the tightest grips of depression or other mental health disorders to seek out the help they need by offering clear options and plenty of support.

Preparing for a San Antonio intervention

It’s never easy to watch someone who is a cherished part of your life succumb to addiction or struggle with mental illness. Many times family and friends will hesitate to say anything, afraid of pushing their friend or family member away even further. However, to evoke change we must all come together and seize the opportunity to help someone, showing them with words and actions how much they are needed and how serious we are about helping them onto a better, more positive life path.

When it is decided that San Antonio intervention is the next step in helping someone in their recovery, we can give you all of the information and direction needed to make the right plans. Staging an intervention can be a scary time for everyone, not just the person in need. We’ll listen to your stories, thoughts, hopes, and needs and use them to build a plan that caters to the person in need of recovery and his family and friends as a whole. Some may need an intervention that offers the steps to a life-long recovery process while others may need action that showcases the person’s need for immediate help.

Information on drug and depression based San Antonio intervention

We invite you to become familiar with the information on our website and contact us with your questions and concerns. Our goal is to make certain that before an intervention takes place everyone is on the same page and ready for what is to come. Together we’ll present your loved one with the options he or she needs to move forward towards a more hopeful future.

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