Houston Intervention

Houston Intervention

Houston InterventionOrchestrating a successful Houston intervention depends on more than one factor. We can assume the occasion is going to be attended by close friends and family, the people in life that matter, but we need more than this to even come close to accomplishing our objective. We need the intervention to be structured and planned beforehand, to be organized in such a way that the individual in question can’t deny a problem exists. A loved one is going to be painfully forced to acknowledge their dependency on substances, on gambling, on alcohol, or any other addictive patterns, and we have to be prepared. This kind of painful acknowledgement brings traumatic stages of self-realization that are similar in many ways to grief. There’s anger, denial and frustration. We have to match these feelings with compassion and understanding.

Patience and Compassion

A Houston intervention requires the compassion and patience to support the addicted personality through these stages. Invariably their minds will reach a point where they see the damage they’ve caused to the people attending the intervention and shame arises. Whatever the reactions experienced at a Houston intervention, we can count on the event being a roller coaster of emotions, swinging from anger to shame. Each member of the Houston intervention, from brother and sister to loving partner, is going to be exposed to raw feelings of remorse and frustration. Let the love of everyone attending the intervention unify and act as a place of stability for the troubled individual to reach out for.
City Life Brings Temptation

Like any other modern metropolis, Houston has a seedy underside, streets where drug dealers look for new customers, parties filled with kegs of beer, and rooms occupied with cocktails of pills designed to hook innocents looking for a new kind of high. Our friends and young family members aren’t weak or stupid, but they can be tempted to try new substances through peer pressure. Adults experience similar moments of temptation, perhaps overworked and stressed, they desperately try to escape their daily toil by becoming caught up in gambling or binge drinking. The temptations are all there, certainly not unique to big city life, but perhaps magnified by the concentration of population, the colleges and night streets drawing drug dealers in search of profit.

Resolving to Find Treatment

A successful Houston intervention opens a doorway to treatment. It lifts the head of the frustrated individual who has become lost in a tightening cycle of abuse. With the door to recovery now open, so many options become available. Just remember this isn’t the time to assign blame or to angrily demand an explanation for the addiction. Houston is already a center of worrying drug activity, especially for marijuana and cocaine (justice.gov). Methamphetamine has found a corridor of passage from Mexico through Houston and in to many southern states. The law authorities in Texas work hard to close down these routes and we must do the same, protecting our family circle with a Houston intervention. After all, protecting our family is our job, right?

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