Alcohol Interventionist in Texas

Alcohol Interventionist in Texas

Alcohol Interventionist in TexasWe encourage families to arrange an Alcohol Interventionist in Texas if they feel that help is possible any other way. Sometimes a private confrontation among loved ones or a spouse is just not enough to turn the alcoholic’s life around.

Some Statistics

According to Health Services, 58 of secondary students in used alcohol in 2012. Furthermore, fatalities from drunk driving total about 40% of all traffic deaths in the state ( This problem affects people of all ages, but we are here to encourage you to get help when needed.

On a More Personal Note

When dealing with people we love, statewide statistics usually don’t matter as much as seeing them get help. However, we may have to question how badly we want that addict in our lives to get better. It can be too easy to live in fear and stay in the status quo that keeps us feeling safe although in an unhealthy situation.

Sometimes the alcohol abuser is ready for professional support to step in, and sometimes they’re not. In any case, the chance of recovery rate when professionals help the addicted person and affected family members and friends increases.

Preparing for Confrontation

When confronted by an alcohol interventionist, a person on the receiving end might feel a bit alarmed. They may feel as if someone has crossed boundaries they shouldn’t have crossed and have invaded their privacy and right to drink.

Of course, a teenager wanting to assert independence might say “it’s not fair!” or “I hate you!” However, in the end, when they realize they don’t need to get drunk to impress their peers, they will make real progress and may even thank the adults in their lives for caring.

How to Know What It’s Time

Calling upon an interventionist takes a lot of courage. After all, it means that we are intruding on someone else’s life. Still, nothing may change unless action like this takes place first.

The hard part of doing so is deciding when it’s time for this. The suggestion is to make a personal confrontation in private. Then, of in time no change takes place, a group confrontation preferably with a professional alcohol interventionist might make a difference.

Usually professional help for an alcoholic is sought when the individual is so deeply involved in their addiction it affects all areas of their lives. They might have ended up in jail, crash their car, steal money, lose their job, or hurt an innocent person.

As far as timing, usually “now” is the time to seek an help. As soon as a family gets the courage to take this step, it’s time. It may help prevent a possible fatality or other serious consequence.

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